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WIN DIRECT is a solid and dynamic company established in June 2008 with the aim of developing and marketing innovative and quality products with a strong customer service culture towards our partners. With the headquarters based in Barcelona, the company develops and markets products as:

  • Cosmetic and Beauty products as an answer to common issues,
  • Health and Wellness products to improve the quality of life,
  • Fitness Machines and Active Footwear to improve body shape, promote a healthier lifestyle and
  • Kitchen products, to take the best cooking results making it easier to the customers
  • Senior products, providing tools to improve their lifeway.
  • Technology and Houseware products which make the life of the customers easier, among others.

Our strength is our ability to develop new products in record time and with the guarantee of excellence that has characterized us since our beginnings. We also produce our own infomercials for distribution through Direct Response Television (DRTV).

WIN DIRECT is a global supplier with a large international presence. Based on the experience gathered over the years on the main business areas, our Company has acquired a global know-how. As a result, we have highly competitive prices because we take care of everything from product development to manufacturing, marketing material and logistics as an integral all-in-one service.

It is vital for all of us at Win direct to guarantee the quality and to satisfy all our partner’s needs.

Bussiness model

We are major international players with blockbusters on different countries in categories such as Fitness, Kitchen, Health, Weight Loss, Electronics, Housewares, Personal Care and Beauty. Diversifying our portfolio has been one of the reasons for our success.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a better quality of life through very differenciated product cathegories, which allow us to satisfy a wide range of needs for different ages, situations and activities. Needs and expectations of consumers are more demanding, personalized and changeable everyday. The market is constantly evolving and customer motivations evolve with it.

That is why Win Direct acts accordingly, anticipating both technology and consumers evolution to respond to this challenge.

Our current strategy is divided into four crucial points:

  1. Detecting needs that generate a high level of demand in different markets around the world.
  2. Joining forces and resources to achieve products under the best conditions and with the best price. We make a special quality and development research for each product, giving us the mandatory tools to take the best results with each partners scope, with cooperation from an integral marketing, logistic and development team.
  3. Anticipating possible problems that could arise in the distribution, manufacturing and communication of our products on different markets.
  4. Facilitating distribution of our products to our customers while guaranteeing compliance with all regulatory requirements in each country. We can deliver anywhere, providing clients an integral documentation and logistic import service.

International Presence

We have presence in all 5 continents and have a solid distribution network in several countries.

We also have developed very robust and strategic associations that allow us to have distributions with international companies.

Our brands

Do you have an idea?

Do you have an innovative idea or product with potential to become a best seller and need help to make it happen? WIN DIRECT has a multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in product development, marketing and logistics, with every tools necessary to transform your idea in the next international best seller.

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